Helpful Self-Talk Language Shift For Nervous Speakers

Helpful Self-Talk Language Shift For Nervous Speakers I often chat to clients about their self-talk around public speaking. How you talk to yourself before you present will make a difference to how confident and in control you feel...and recent research is showing that, believe it or not, talking to yourself using your own name or the second or third person can help!  It can also work when you're reflecting on the event after it's happened. This seems to work because it puts some distance between you and the emotional, stressful experience you're going through. And when you do that, you achieve a...

Free Webinar on How to Engage your Audience

Free 30 minute webinar next Thursday 11th Sept. 11 - 11.30am Australian Eastern time. The webinar is called 'Speaking for Business - 4 Easy Triggers for High Audience Engagement', and will be full of useful ideas which you can put into use straight away. Register here: http://webinarjam.net/webinar/go/5350/79c381dac2 I may have a recording available after the event, but am not sure, so plan to attend live if you're free!