Complete Presentation Skills Melbourne details:

Duration: 2.5 hours per session

Length of course: 5 weeks

Date/time of next course: 

Wednesdays 6pm – 8.30pm starts 29th April

Fridays 9.30 – 12 noon starts 1st May

If you have to miss a session, you get a private catch-up (private coaching benefits, as well as group)

BONUS 1 Online ‘Confident Public Speaker’ course FREE (usually US$197): 6 hours video/worksheets. Access any time. Perfect partner to live course

Sarah Denholm working with a small group

BONUS 2 20 minute coaching FREE with Sarah (value: $65) on Skype/FaceTime/phone, pre or post course. Get a head-start, or follow-up afterwards

Investment. Early bird until 15th 

  • one-off total payment of $1,050 $840 plus GST   OR
  • 4 monthly instalments of $262.50 $210 plus GST
Venue: Quest Apartments, 741 Whitehorse Rd Mont Albert (nr Box Hill) Melbourne
Number of participants: 5 – 7

5 Week Complete Presentation Skills: learn a solid system to overcome any fears and become a confident, engaging and clear presenter.

I have attended many workshops and courses throughout my career, and this was without a doubt the most valuable. I attended the 5 week presentation skills course and, if you suffer from speaking anxiety, I can’t recommend it enough. Sarah is welcoming, approachable and fosters a great learning environment for individuals to develop their public speaking skills. I found learning how to structure my speech, listen, be assertive, use body language and voice, very useful, and the fact that we got to practice everything we learned straight away and then implement in our lives definitely helps solidify the process. Thanks Sarah!

Sarah Van RensburgSenior Strategist at The Lumery

I highly recommend Sarah’s course to anyone who wants to improve their communication techniques. The course provided me with a range of tools for structuring, presenting and dealing with nerves and anxiety associated with public speaking. The safe and supportive environment was perfect for practicing and refining my communication and presentation skills.

Karen ConradiSystem and Technology Project Manager - Bureau of Meteorology

I actually love being in front of the crowd now – not something I could ever have imagined!

Alison JeanneHealthscope

Positively change how you feel about public speaking, and learn every foundational skill! This ‘fundamentals’ course will give you different, proven tools to manage your speaking fears, as well as every basic of great presenting.

You’ll have less stress, wasted time and energy – and more job satisfaction and peace of mind.

Come with your own prepared speech each session so you can practise and be coached on what’s most important to you. Extend your comfort zone safely, where you can try the new, proven techniques – and get feedback, encouragement and support. You’ll also be recorded on video each week (you don’t have to look at these!)

We use teaching, discussion and practical participation. You also get a substantial workbook to use as a future reference.

Who it’s for:

This course is perfect if you need to speak at work, or in your own business. You may need to speak up in meetings, present more formally or conduct interviews – and you’re reluctant, or  just not as engaging and confident as you’d like.

Is English your second language? You’re very welcome to join the course. Contact me if you’d like to discuss before booking.

What you’ll learn:

3 main modules in Complete Presentation Skills:

1. Overcome fear and become more confident and comfortable

  • The 9 main causes of public speaking fear, and what to do about them.
  • Specific physical tools to gain mind and body calmness and control
  • The 4 things you absolutely must do to be competent and coherent ‘in the spotlight’
  • New ways of thinking to control your speaking fears (it’s not ‘positive’ thinking)
  • How to practise – the best ways to build your confidence

2. Create and organise your content

  • Time-saving structure templates to take away and use in future
  • Create clear messages and talks FAST. Really cut down prep time
  • ‘Alive’ content which engages
  • Using humour effectively, even if you’re not naturally funny!
  • Strong openings and closings
  • Create strong visuals/slide decks

3. Deliver with high audience engagement

  • Conversational, authentic ways to deliver
  • Impromptu and prepared speaking opportunity each week, with tailored feedback
  • How to keep your audience interested, and re-engaged if you lose them!
  • Using vocal variety (including ideas you probably haven’t heard before)
  • The two vital E’s of good presenting
  • Should you tell a story? It depends. Find out why

My story. I really struggled when I started speaking in public, and was truly awful. Self-conscious, shaky, sometimes incoherent…with mind-blanks. So I decided to learn what works – to overcome my anxiety, and ultimately to speak with authority and presence. And I’m not special: I just learned the right tools and practised. You can do this too.

Course Uniqueness. Running for 10 years, consistently excellent feedback; get the shortcut, come to 5 sessions and implement this valuable information. Learn through spaced repetition, which is how our brains learn best. I’m beside you all the way, totally committed to your success.

100% money back guarantee. Your money back after the 1st session if it’s not for you.

You can become a more confident, clear, connected and engaging speaker. Book now for Complete Presentation Skills: click either button at top or bottom of this page. I look forward to working with you.

An Exceptional Tutor. I first met Sarah when I signed up for her ‘improve your public speaking’ course, after I’d given a couple of average large group presentations I wanted to learn some new techniques to help me through what is a daunting experience. There are so many options when you google the subject but I believe I came across the best – Sarah delivers the course content with great purpose because she really wants to make a difference in your life; unlike like some other courses I’ve been on where the lead delivers the content with little empathy or real knowledge on how this subject really impacts some people. The course itself addresses one of the most feared things that we ever have to do in life but after completion I feel like I now have the tools to give me the best chance of success. It’s also much more than a public speaking course, the content covers everything from valuable routines for mentally preparing for talks/presentations to learning how to deliver with impact and clarity on the day itself. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to improve their presentations skills, public speaking or any other form of communication; the techniques that Sarah can teach truly are invaluable.

Darren Forde

Darren FordeFMCG Professional - Sales, Marketing & Category Management