Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshops and Coaching To Help You or your Organisation…

  • Think and speak coherently, competently and professionally
  • Overcome fear and resistance in front of groups, large or small
  • Prepare easily in less time with clear, easy-to-use systems
  • Engage and influence any audience – even unmotivated ones – using easily implementable techniques
  • Make impromptu speaking a natural event, not an ordeal

Some of the organisations who've trusted me with their public speaking and presentation skills training

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Personal lasered coaching

Live in-house training

If you need to present – or speak in public – your comfort level will vary from avoidance or “help!” to something like “My skills are great, I’m just looking for an expert outside perspective and fresh ideas”.

I’ve spent over 10 years helping clients gain either the confidence they need, or polish their skills with techniques they perhaps didn’t even know existed until we started working together.

I’ve developed three different levels of approach that target exactly what’s needed to get results: whether that’s confidence and enjoyment, or feeling like an expert professional.

You can stand confidently in front of others, knowing that what you’re doing will work. From content structure and through-line, key messaging, Q and A, right through to slides and influence and impact techniques.

Improve Your Public Speaking Methodology and Framework:

Six results to expect when you upgrade
your speaking skills with me

  1. Researched techniques tested and proven on over 1000 clients
  2. Friendly, respectful and enjoyable environment
  3. Ability to say ‘YES’ to future speaking opportunities
  4. If introverted, increased willingness to step up and be ‘visible’
  5. Positive confidence and communication spin-offs into other areas
  6. A skill for life, no matter what work you’re doing
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